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What a Drag! This is What Puerto Vallarta is Truly All About!

The organizers of this seasons What A Drag are busy putting together what will be the biggest and most glamorous What A Drag ever! Here is a fun look back to 2015's WAD by Tricia Lyman.


Article published by Tricia Lyman - Lymans Journey go to original March 24, 2015

There is no way to describe the giving and caring hearts of those that live here in PV. High season brings out all the stops for fundraising for such great causes. There are numerous fundraisers on most days and you can get caught up with no time for yourself and an empty wallet. They even have classes and counselling on how to not stress out while trying to do it all!


Mike and I found ourselves early on last year testing the waters by attending events that sounded like our cup of tea. We quickly realized that we couldn't and shouldn't try them all. There's definitely something for everybody.

So with that said, Mike and I attended a new fundraiser this year organized by our friend, Ray Vallarta and his wonderful cast of characters, Freda Thompson, Christie DuChateau, Drew Baldridge, Danny Mininni, Pat Carey, all friends of ours. The name of the event was "What a Drag 2015 - Straight Men standing up against violence".

Eight wonderful men from our community stood front and center and gave it their ALL!!  A sold out packed house with proceeds (and matched funds) going to abused and battered women and children. When all was said and done, 400,000 pesos had been raised for this great cause!

The pictures and videos of each performance just make me smile from ear to ear. Mike and I haven't laughed this hard in ages! Kudos to you all!! Yes, this is what PV is all about!

Read the rest and see all the photos & videos at Lyman's Journey.


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